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Lower Back Pain Treatments

Lower Back Pain: How Chiropractors Treat It

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Are you curious about what causes back pain? There are a surprising number of factors that can contribute to lower back pain and neck pain. Individuals can experience back pain from:

  • Spinal misalignment
  • Vertebral issues
  • Degenerative disc
  • Disorders Pinched nerves

The items above are only a few examples of potential causes of lower back pain. The pain you experience may result from overexertion or an underlying condition that you are yet unaware of. As you go about your everyday activities, it’s crucial to maintain a good posture, keeping your feet flat on the floor. A highly trained chiropractor can help you determine the root cause of your pain.

Because the human body will attempt to adapt to problems by changing gait, slouching, or other compensations, you might not immediately experience back pain in some cases. For example, when standing, ensure your knees bent feet flat on the ground to alleviate undue stress. When back pain does occur, start position in a neutral stance, then tighten your abdominal muscles and bend slightly at the left knee. You will need to see a chiropractic professional to better understand the cause and resolve the root of the issue.

Examining Chronic Low Back Pain

When you schedule your first appointment with a chiropractor, prepare for an in-depth examination. As a helpful exercise, lay flat on the floor with your left leg stretched out and your hands and knees in a neutral position, then perform a gentle pelvic tilt and hold this position for a few seconds. Your chiropractor will ask you about your health history, the location and type of pain you experience, the circumstances surrounding the eruption of pain, and the duration of the pain when it flares up. Afterward, move into the child’s pose to release tension, extend your arms forward, and relax.

Some Individuals May Experience

  • Sharp, sudden pains or acute symptoms
  • Dull, achy pains or chronic back pain

The type and severity of the pain can help a chiropractor understand the situations contributing to the root issue of your lower back pain. Be sure to share the kinds of pain you experience and the activities you perform before and after lower back pain occurs.

Many chiropractors will rely on the additional information that an x-ray can provide. X-rays can confirm speculations of slipped discs, misaligned vertebrae, and other spinal issues hiding below the surface. A thorough examination will help your chiropractor determine the best care procedures for you.

Your chiropractor may repeat the examination and x-ray process at specific intervals throughout your treatment plan. Repeating this step is a part of monitoring progress and ensuring that your body is on track to long-lasting alignment and pain relief.

Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain

Effective chiropractic care focuses on discovering and correcting the issues causing the pain. Pain relief is helpful to get through your day, but pain treatment alone isn’t enough. You deserve to be as healthy as possible instead of simply feeling fit for short periods.

A chiropractor can use one or more treatments to help you realign your spine to improve its performance and regain your entire range of motion. Standard lumbar spine therapies can consist of

  • Traditional chiropractic adjustment
  • Spinal manipulative therapy using
    • Y-strap traction
    • Toggle recoil
    • Activator
    • Drop-table
    • Knee-Chest Upper Cervical adjustments

Your chiropractor will explain what each type of treatment, adjustment, or therapy does, guiding you through your custom care plan. In addition to these in-office activities, you may be given instructions to perform at-home exercises and stretches and to investigate specific ergonomic tools.

Chiropractic care aims to restore your spine’s health to improve overall health and happiness. The health of your spine can impact multiple systems within your body. Some spinal problems can contribute to other issues, including

  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Digestive trouble.
  • Inflammation.
  • Neurological problems.
  • Immune system issues.
  • Poor mental clarity.
  • Inadequate sleep quality.
  • Reduction in productivity.

You might not suspect these issues to originate from your back. However, your spine protects your nervous system, which is responsible for carrying messages from your body to your brain and vice versa. Any interference in the back-and-forth signals can cause issues that affect your health.

Your Local Chiropractic Professionals

At Northside Chiropractic, we focus our care plans on addressing structural issues with your spine. We use this approach because we view the spine as the body’s foundation. We won’t focus on the symptoms alone; we will find the root cause of the symptoms by fixing the spinal structure as necessary.

Discover the difference between conventional chiropractic care and structural correction chiropractic treatment at Northside Chiropractic. You don’t have to experience pain in your lower back continually. Get lasting relief by letting our trained professionals correct your structural shifts and restore your spine to a healthy state.

Are you looking for a great Grand Rapids family chiropractic center? Our office holds the 2021 Best Chiropractor in Grand Rapids badge from Northside Chiropractic is a local office that offers chiropractic treatment for lower back pain and more. Call (616) 951-1635 to schedule your first appointment today.

Dr. Dustin McIver

Dr. Dustin McIver is a husband, father, and artistic Chiropractor. His creativity and passion for helping others to heal, live and evolve naturally is his driving purpose as well as facilitating a space for healing.

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